Welcome to Derek Hooper Golf

As the Director of Instruction at Troon Golf Academy Lake of Isles Connecticut, Derek delivers personalized coaching programs and individual golf lessons designed specifically to help players reach their full potential. 

Derek is recognized as one of the best golf coaches in New England.

Derek is an AAA member of the Australian PGA and has been teaching full time for almost 20 years, giving over 10,000 lessons to players of all skill levels in four different countries_

Coaching programs utilizing our 4 step process to success

All of our coaching programs utilize our 4 step Improvement Process

  1. Assessment of your current skills
  2. Build a Personal Performance Plan to attain your goals
  3. Implement the plan
  4. Track progress  
3D Golf BioDynamics Swing Analysis and Biofeedback

The 3D Golf BioDynamics system makes it possible to measure and evaluate your body motion during the swing at a deeper level than video allows. Biofeedback training then allows you to “feel” the change making improvement quicker and easier.  

Custom Golf Schools designed to meet your individual goals

Custom Golf Schools are available at any time for single players or groups of two. They are completely customizable and may include any mix of full swing and short game instruction, video swing analysis, 3D work and on course instruction.  

The best coaching and practice facility in New England

Troon Golf Academy Lake of Isles is located adjacent to Foxwoods Resort Casino. The Academy offers a private, natural grass lesson tee and dedicated short game area. The Academy building with heated teaching studios that open out onto the range allow for students to work on their game year round.  

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  • Stop Topping Your Golf Shots

    Topping the ball
    Everyone has topped a shot at one time or another. Almost always this is followed by some well meaning friend or playing partner reminding you to keep your head down. The reality is that if you want to stop topping your golf shots, keeping your head down will help very little. The true cause of this shot is a loss 
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  • Putting – Aim and Start Direction

    Putting Aim and Start Direction
    There are many elements that go into being a great putter. But not all those factors weigh equally into your putting performance. If you want to make more putts there are a couple of skills that if improved will give you the quickest improvement in your putting performance. Research has show that on any given putt your ability to strike 
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